This is something that we all need to move forward.

But in the end, when we look at ourselves in the mirror, we know that it’s not always obvious to feel this strength, this will that tells us that”we’re worth it”, “we’re beautiful”, “we don’t care what other people think, we take the plunge”.




Having sel confide,ce is believing in our competences and our talents. It’s also accepting ourselves as we are and focusing on our assets and not on our flaws…
Let me tell you about my own experience, lol After all, this is my blog, right? Haha
A few years ago, I would never ever have predicted that I would be this girl so proud of her Afro Hair.
Because I would straighten my hair every 3-4 months, like a ritual, I couldn’t see myself any other way than with straight hair, or at worst with braided hair or weave.
The aesthetic canon displayed on television or others all showed beautiful , long straight hair. So of course, I couldn’t be the only girl wearing my Afro like in the 70’s!
I finally stopped straightening my hair, not because I wanted to go back ton my natural hair, but because I understood that it was harmful for my scalp: despite all the different and inimaginable haire cares I tried on my mane hair (shout out Youtube videos),my hair was still dry and breakable.
It was after some research, severals attempts, that I finally took the plunge in 2012!
Five years later, I’m now a woman proud of her roots and her natural hair.
Going back to natural and accepting my curly hair were steps that enabled me to accept myself as I really am, without caring about other’s opinions.
I’m not saying that I’m totally self-confident, but I’m working on it, and I hope I’m on the right path, lol.

Few tips to gain self-confidence

  • Accept yourself as you are:


Each one of us is different, has his own opinions and thoughts. You just have to assert yourself by being authentic without trying to please anybody.

  • Recognize your true potential: don’t doubt yourself

We doubt ourselves because ever since we were young, or after a bad experience, we have accepted as absolute truths unfounded suppositions. All that block us and prevent us from moving forward even through we should be focusing on our competences and talents, and then contemplating the possibilities we have.

  • Set some objectives…and reach them

We should star we small “goals” and then go forward. The whole point is to be realistic and not spoil ourselves. Try, do your best, and if it doesn’t work, take lessons from your mistakes for next time.

My Glow Look

During that photoshoot, I tried to highlight the idea of a “confident woman ready to conquer the world” just that lol by wearing my afro and an outfit with…sequins!
Our look has a huge role in our self-confidence. I’ll let you try: when you have a bad day, wear your favorite outfit, your make up on fleek, and you’ll see the result on your mindset. R A D I C A L.











Total Look Zara
Escarpins Georgia Rose
Montre Nicole Vienna


And you, what are your tips to boost your ego and improve your self-confidence?





  1. Saturday September 1st, 2018 / 01:52 AM

    Ton analyse est juste la confiance en soi sa se travaille .Ma recette a moi ne jamais me laisser aller sur le plan vestimentaire… Prend soin de soi (soins capillaires, soins corporels ) et toujours … sourire ��

    • Sunday September 2nd, 2018 / 12:33 PM

      Merci beaucoup 🙂
      Tu as raison de ne pas négliger ton style, c'est fou comme on se sent tout de suite mieux avec une belle tenue!
      Bisous ;))

  2. Sunday September 2nd, 2018 / 10:44 AM

    Très joli article <3 Merci de l'avoir écrit.

    Je suis une blanche avec les cheveux TRES TRES TREEEES lisses, ce que j'ai jamais bien aimé ( surtout quand la voisine a de jolies boucles blondes, Ou qu'une autre a les cheveux crépus tous beaux, et que moi c'est plat. Très plat et sombre. ), et du coup, je n'ai jamais bien compris les gens qui voulaient avoir ABSOLUMENT des baguettes à la place des cheveux. Jusqu'au moment où j'ai compris que c'était vendu comme un modèle de beauté, ce que je trouve ça très dommage.
    En tout cas, c'est trop chouette que tu laisses tes jolis cheveux tranquille ! <3

    Après on parle des cheveux ici, mais c'est pour tout, des codes, toujours des codes :/

  3. Sunday September 2nd, 2018 / 12:42 PM

    Coucou miss!
    En effet tu as bien résumé, ce ne sont que des codes, dictés par la société (surtout par les hommes lol)
    Donc le plus important c'est d'apprendre à ne pas les prendre en compte et s'accepter tout simplement. Je suis sure que tes cheveux lisses sont sublimes 🙂

  4. Monday September 3rd, 2018 / 08:11 AM

    Très bel article, j'aime ta philosophie et je partage!
    Belle journée

    • Wednesday September 5th, 2018 / 05:01 PM

      Merci beaucoup! Ça me fait vraiment plaisir :))
      Belle semaine à toi!

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