2019 GOALS: BLOG, Projects, Slow fashion…


Hello les Darlin, and welcome on te new version of the blog ofcoursedarlin.com!

For this new year, I wanted to talk about my 2019 goals!

As I said last year in my post on my 2018 goals, I would rather talk about goals than resolutions (that you never hold  haha). So, let’s talk about the news on the blog, my big projects to come, and my ambition to change my way of consuming, specially in the fashion industry…

Let’s go!

What’s new on the blog?

Still in my intention to improve in blogging, I decided to change my plateforme and to move on wordpress.org. When I was on blogger, I had a lot of restrictions and my SEO was …bad ^^’ .

For now, I will be able to make new things and be more creative. I hope you’ll like it!

By the way, there are new categories on toolbar:

  •  Let’s Talk: cin this category, I’ll talk about blogging but also self love, personals challenges… well, I’ll talk about my life lol
  •  #Darlingotstyle: it’s the #  that I use on instagram to mention the stylish looks! In this section, my ambition is to put in light some fashionista girls that I have discover, in Paris or abroad..
  • Discover: I’ll share with you some news in fashion and lifestyle! Interviews, focus on fashion designers (cf my post on the designer Sinaï Yaba) and entrepreneurs will be highlighted.

A lot of beautiful things to come!


My personal goals


  • mens sana: Reading at least a book per month is one of my personal goal. I would love to reach this goal, since I have a huge book list… After that,  I would like to learn a ne language and improve my English 🙂
  • in corpore sano: after dancing (yes dancing is a sport lol), I’m going to swim. As I have back problems since several years now, swimming is the perfect sport for me.
  • low fashion: mon gros challenge de cette année, c’est de ne pas céder à toutes les tendances mode chez Zara, Mango and co. Mon objectif est de consommer durablement avec des articles de qualité qui dureront sur le long terme, et ainsi avoir un dressing beaucoup moins encombré… Challenge de taille donc!

I also have more personal objectives that I hope I will achieve…

“Mens sana in corpore sano”

Mon Look Darlin

A few photos of my look that was taken during last summer (can’t wait for the sun to come back).

I’m wearing a navy bleu jumpsuit,  with patent red boots .

This is a Zara total look.









Photo Credits: Damien Paillard


Thanks to The Designer for the new version of the blog 🙂



What are your goals for 2019?

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  1. Wednesday January 16th, 2019 / 07:12 PM

    Merci à toi de m’avoir confié ton beau projet !

    Tes photos me rappèlent l’été, ça me manque ! Surtout en ce moment vu le froid !


    • Of Course Darlin
      Monday January 21st, 2019 / 09:52 PM

      Haha c’est clair que ça nous manque le soleil
      Bises 😉

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